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Industry Testimonials

NAFDI is a wonderful enterprise & I am sure will go a long way to enable young minds realise their dreams in the field of interior design. As the industry keeps evolving, interior designers are redefining their roles in the professional world. NAFDI Programmes are definitely going to help the youth to become future-ready Interior Designers.
Ar. Alhad Raje
Principal Architect Alhad Raje & Associates
We need to teach out of the box and advance techniques instead of archaic systems that are going on for years. NAFDI promises to be the out of box education provider with more experienced and professional faculty. I wish them all the best!
Ar. Neilesh Kenkare
Partner, ARCH-AID
A need is felt constantly to fill in the void in education and the practical approach. NAFDI is one such institution that is doing a great job by bringing in the best industry practices into its Programmes. The Interior Design industry has a range of specialized fields that go beyond simple design tasks of enhancing the quality and functionality of interior spaces. NAFDI is one of the best institutes for learning Interior Design, as it covers all the aspects of the Industry giving students a choice and inclination for various career opportunities.
Ar. Poonam Samant
GM, Phoenix Marketcity resources (India)
In today’s technologically progressive world, a larger portion of the public is exposed to various colour palettes and furniture aesthetics. This wide array of options can be put with one another by the same crowd for architectural projects for their own personal spaces serving its function and character. Needless to say, the technology by itself fails to teach this audience about the application of these range of aesthetics and colour palettes, and the right way to exploit the potential of each of these elements in different spaces. This is where NAFDI, the design institute bridges this existing gap by curating design courses catering to students which automatically create better career opportunities for a successful future.
Sarita S. Manjunath
Architect & Planner